30 Years Of Racing Camaro 2013 LA Auto show

Wednesday, October 22nd 2014. | 2013 camaro

At the time of 2013 in the LA auto show, Saleen announced that they will add their touch to a Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger. To celebrate 30 years of racing heritage, has developed Saleen SA-30 line: SA-30 620 Camaro, Challenger SA-30 570, and SA-30 302 Mustang. Only ten of each model will be built and sold at a base price of $ 95,000.

Photo 30 Years Of Racing Camaro 2013 LA Auto show

camaro vs mustang vs dodge chalenger

Buyers will receive the engine, brakes, suspension and upgraded in addition to a custom paint and body styling. All three versions will take advantage of a supercharger to boost engine performance. For activity at the LA Auto Show, the Ford Mustang was revealed already that will win the horsepower war with a force of 625 HP. Figures for the Camaro and Challenger are not divided, but based on the figures for the “Black Label” Saleen models now on the site, not too much thought, I myself expect up to 620 HP, respectively. Each of these special edition models will be painted custom “tire smoke” pearl white color comes with black and yellow accents. Yellow powder-coated brake calipers will shine from behind the white wheels. The interior of the muscle car will be enhanced with black and white Alcantara on the seat, “SA-30” badge, and custom carpets.

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30 Years Of Racing Camaro 2013 LA Auto show