2014 CAMARO Z/28 VS 2014 GT-R

Wednesday, October 22nd 2014. | 2014 Camaro

Press self-contained “Godzilla” monster from Japan, remember when we played a game yah undergroud car was named 2014 Nissan GT-R to the early 90s in Australia. Australia is the first country outside Japan to vehicles exported, and once you enter the market you can dominate the competition racing. GT-R is very successful in the class of Group A Racing in forcing them to redesign their class-even the Japanese Touring Car Championship to be divided into classes for the new R32 GT-R.

2014 CAMARO Z/28 VS 2014 GT-R  Photo

2014 chevrolet camaro z28 Nissan gt

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If you would like to know the characteristics of the vehicle, examine the brake, gas and keaadan your vehicle. For that Nissan has advantages over the Chevy. Equipped with all-wheel drive, dual clutch transmission with six speeds, and a computer to keep the vehicle under control, the GT-R has a grip, speed and control. It also has a higher price than the Z / 28 $ 40,000 How much import these factors on track with professional driver Randy Pobst to guide the two animals? See the video to find out you might be surprised with the results.

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2014 CAMARO Z/28 VS 2014 GT-R